2010 Staff Excellence Award Recipient: Emily Bebber

The Dean’s speech at Award Ceremony presentation, April 24, 2009: Upon the recommendation of the 2010 Staff Excellence Committee members; Doug Taylor, Michele Boltuc, Denise Rodio, Colette Thompson, and Carlos Johnson. I am pleased to present the 2010 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award.

The award was established to recognize a current Bryan School administrative EPA or SPA employee who:

  • Demonstrates excellence in leadership;
  • Possesses outstanding dedication to duty and exhibits high professional standards; and who
  • Excels in their position and furthers the mission of the Bryan School and UNCG.

This year, the selection committee received nominations for seven candidates, all of whom exemplify the award’s criteria. Nominations included recommendations from Bryan School faculty and staff, as well as letters of support and recognition from members of the community.

Commendations for this year’s recipient include:

  • Emily “has been fantastic in improving our record keeping and helping us navigate the many changes technology naturally brings”
  • She “is an amazingly dedicated, hardworking, and enjoyable person”
  • “an absolute rarity and the department would not function without her”
  • Graduate student responses concerning her are unanimous: One graduate student wrote, “She is one of the best things about the department and fantastic at everything she does. We love her.”
  • From the department head: “Her ability to read my handwriting is fabulous.”
  • Anonymous: “Given the age of our department, she has CPR training.”
  • And another person said, “There are some who bring a sense of purpose and generosity to the workplace that improves the environment for everyone around them. She is one of those people.”

Emily, on behalf of the Bryan School faculty, staff and students, it is an honor to present you with the 2010 Staff Excellence Award.