CARS Course Prerequisites

CARS Dept. Prerequisite Quick Reference Guide

(This document is not meant to be a replacement for your Undergraduate Bulletin but rather a tool to assist as you prepare for advising.  Always refer to the official course bulletin for the year you entered the program for official policies and course descriptions.)

Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016

APD 200-CARS Major

APD 242-CARS Major

APD 244-C or better in APD 242

APD 251-C or better in APD 200

APD 252-C or better in MAT 115, APD 200, APD 242, APD 251 and CRS 211

APD 303-C or better in APD 252

APD 310-C or better in APD 244 and APD 303

APD 341-C or better in APD 303

APD 441-ISM 110, C or better in APD 244

APD 443-C or better in APD 244 and APD 341

APD 444-C or better in APD 244 and APD 443

APD 452-C or better in CRS 231 and CRS 312

APD 445-C or better in APD 443


CRS 312-CRS 211 and CHE 101, or CHE 103 and CHE 110

CRS 321-SOC 101 or SOC 341 or PSY 121

CRS 331-Overall minimum GPA of 2.20 required for all concentrations. APD 252 for APD concentration. RCS 361 for GARI and RCS concentrations.

CRS 332-CRS 331; overall GPA of 2.20; 18 s.h. in major; restricted to CARS majors

CRS 400-Permission of instructor

CRS 421-Completion of 30 semester hours at UNCG

CRS 431-CRS 231 and either BUS 240 or ENT 240

CRS 463-C or better in CRS 312

CRS 481-APD Concentration: APD 443, CRS 321, and CRS 463

RCS Concentration: CRS 321, CRS 463, RCS 262, RCS 464, and RCS 560

GARI Concentration: CRS 321, CRS 463, IGS 333, and RCS 464

CRS 493-Permission of instructor; 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. in the major

CRS 513-C or better in CRS 312 or graduate standing

CRS 530-C or better in ECO 201 or equivalent as determined by the instructor or graduate standing


RCS 361-C or better in MAT 115 and CRS 231

RCS 363-APD 242

RCS 364-CRS 231 and RCS 361

RCS 464-RCS 361

RCS 560-C or better in RCS 361; Graduate students: permission of instructor

RCS 584-RCS 464 for undergrads



Revised: 7/27/15