IT is for Girls

Lakshmi Iyer’s summer program is reversing the trend of declining female engagement in IT. It never bothered Lakshmi Iyer that she was one of only a few females in her graduate engineering program. Years later, however, as an associate professor in the Bryan School, she decided that the severe shortage of women in IT is […]

Senior Research Award winner Nir Kshetri studies how the most advanced technology can help transform the least developed countries.

Almost 20 years have passed since management professor Nir Kshetri made a career-altering discovery in a small village in Nepal. An assistant professor at Kathmandu University, he’d been working as a trainer for various projects sponsored by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the German Technical Cooperation and the Nepal Agricultural Development Bank. The […]

Bringing classroom learning to life

Assistant Professor of Economics Dora Gicheva wins the Junior Teaching Excellence Award Dora Gicheva, Bryan School’s 2016 Junior Teaching Excellence Award winner, is hailed as an engaging and dedicated teacher who understands how to make economic theory relatable for her students. She’s also a native of Bulgaria, a graduate of Colgate and Yale Universities — […]

A start-up is born

Entrepreneurship class inspires students to solve the problem of access to healthy food A global perspective. An innovative mindset. Exceptional problem solving. The Bryan School prepares students with all the skills they need to succeed. For six students In Noah Reynolds’ Feasibility Analysis class, a semester-long entrepreneurship project honed all of these skills at once — and left them […]

CARS Industry Summit puts students face-to-face with industry executives

It’s one thing to hear industry professionals speak at an event. It’s all the more impactful when you can have lunch with them, ask questions that directly pertain to your interests and goals, and seek their advice. The Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (CARS) Industry Summit offers just that kind of interactive experience for CARS […]

Beta Gamma Sigma induction features energizing speech by 2016 Chapter Honoree Jay Raffaldini

On April 18, Bryan School students and their families listened intently to Jerome (Jay) L. Raffaldini II describe his “epic journey” of successes and failures in business. Raffaldini is Founding Partner, Managing Director, and Head of Global Products Specialists for UBS Hedge Fund Solutions, the second largest hedge fund investor in the world. You also may know him as […]

Business Coach

At his core, Dean Mac Banks is a competitor. His competitive spirit took root as a young man, when he found success on the track, the football field and the basketball court. During his college search, he received invitations from coaches to play more than one sport at the collegiate level. He chose track at […]

Accounting for Success

David Stark’s outstanding career began as an internship through the Bryan School When David Stark ’08 graduated with an MS in Accounting, he left the program with more than a diploma in hand. Now an accountant with KPMG LLP, David first connected with his employer through a Bryan School internship that launched his career. He […]

It Was Time

On Sunday mornings, you will find Michael C. McDaniel ’15 in the pulpit of Currytown Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina, where he relies heavily on his training in theology and ministry. But the rest of the week, the senior pastor also draws on lessons learned while earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration from […]


No one, including the emergency department physicians who treated her initially, thought Tia Timpson ’15 could be having a stroke. She was in otherwise excellent health, just 20 years old and in her second semester at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In fact, on September 12, 2010, Tia had a massive stroke that […]