Basic Business Knowledge

Courses are designed for students who have not already completed equivalent coursework and specific learning objectives. All basic business knowledge courses may be waived by students who have completed equivalent academic course work and who can meet specific learning objectives. Applicants should consult with the ISSCM Graduate Program Director for course waiver information. They include:

  • Financial Accounting (3 credit hours)
  • Operations Management (3 credit hours)

Core Courses (24 credit hours)

Core level courses are required for all students, regardless of prior experience and/or coursework. Core level courses include:

  • ISM 671 Data Management (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 672 Web Programming (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 673 Telecommunications and Networks (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 674 Systems Analysis and Design (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 675 Business Analytics (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 676 Information Security and Privacy (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 677 Information Systems Management (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 678 Project Management (3 credit hours)

Thesis or Non-Thesis Option (6 credit hours)

  • Thesis option: Students can register for 3 credit hours within one semester or over multiple semesters. Thesis course number is ISM 699.
  • Non-thesis option: Students must complete the Capstone in Information Technology course (ISM 698) and at least 3 hours of elective courses.

With the approval of the ISSCM Graduate Program Director, a student will select at least 3 credit hours of a graduate level course from the following or other approved courses. Note: All MBA courses are face-to-face, and students are eligible to take these courses provided they are willing to be on campus and pay any extra fees.

ISSCM Electives

  • ISM 679 Special Topics in Information Systems (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 680 Healthcare Information Technology Management (3 credit hours)
  • ISM 613 Directed Studies (1-3 credit hours)
  • ISM 696 Organizational Internship (1-3 credit hours)
  • SCM 650 Supply Chain Mgt. Concepts & Principles (3 credit hours)
  • SCM 651 Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Management (3 credit hours)

MBA Electives (On Site Courses)

  • MBA 701 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 702 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 715 Integrative Business (Pre-Requisite for any other MBA courses) (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 716  Leadership/Sustainable Bus (3 credit hours)