Senior Research Award winner Nir Kshetri studies how technology can help transform the least developed countries.

Nir Kshetri - Ahead of his time

Almost 20 years have passed since management professor Nir Kshetri made a career-altering discovery in a small village in Nepal. An assistant professor at Kathmandu University, he’d been working as a trainer for various projects sponsored by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the German Technical Cooperation and the Nepal Agricultural Development Bank. The goal was to help Nepalese farmers modernize the way they go about farming and selling their commodities.

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Vas Taras presents at TEDxGreensboro

The topic of the presentation was “Can CVas Taras - TEDxGreensbororowdsourcing Do To Business Consulting What Wikipedia did to the Encyclopedia Britannica.” Vas Taras shared some ideas and visions based on his research around X-Culture for the future of the business consulting industry.  He talked about X-Culture and where this can lead us.

Bryan School Graduation – 2016


Ceremony Marshals – Omar Ajaj, Evan Bradner, Briana Cook, Jessica Debnam, Ashley Hogan, Eric Ibarra, Shelley Ibarra, Asia Jones, Yunhwan Kim, Madison Landers, Nick Lindsey, Charlotte Maurno, Alexus McFarlane, Sarah Stephanie C. Plante, Stephanie Shaneyfelt, Ashley Walker, Abagayle Younts


IMG_2930 IMG_2931 IMG_2932

Target Challenge Project – 2016


Target 1st prize

First Place – $2,000 Award Winners -Stephen Caldwell, Nicole Pocchiari, Jeffrey Wells and Seth Pfund-Kraus


Target 2nd prize

Second Place – $1,000 Award Winners  – Corey Barger, Kayel Locke, Ashlyn Godec, Cameron Willard and Zavier McGann


Target 1 prize

First Place


Target 4

Target Challenge – Finalist


Target 3

Target Challenge – Finalist – Evan Autry, Brittany Jones, Joel Godfrey and Tori Tamborino

Target 1

Target Challenge – Finalist – Lindsey Hill, Claudia Henley, Kaleesha Knox, Man Ting Mak, and Amy Arzola

Target 2

Target Challenge – Second Place Winners

Target 6

Target Challenge – First Place Winners

Target 5

Target Challenge – Finalist


MBA745 – Study Abroad in Germany 2016

MBA745 Dustin Barton  -3MBA Trip to Manheim Germany- 2016

Belgium – Spring Break MGT303 Trip

Belgium 2016 - IMG_2533- Group2016_March_Louvain_Students_2 033Belgium 20162016_March_Louvain_Students_2 010







Why the IRS was just hacked again and what the FEDs can do about it

Author:  Dr. Nir Kshetri  2/16/16 in The Conversation

Last month hackers stole Internal Revenue Service data belonging to more than 100,000 taxpayers. This sort of attack on the IRS and other federal computer systems keeps happening – and succeeding – because the government’s cyberdefenses are not strong enough to resist.

Hacking of U.S. government electronic databases is a near-constant threat. Attacks allegedly come from criminal gangs in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, often seeking financial information from systems like the IRS, which holds personal data on hundreds of millions of taxpayers.


Kshetri: In China …How WeChat is powering a mobile commerce boom

Nir Kshetri was interviewed by the New York city-based media company, Digiday. He has been quoted in Digiday’s October 26, 2015 article by Hilary Milnes, entitled, “In China you have to use it: How WeChat is powering a mobile commerce boom” (


Kshetri: Keynote at 4th International Symposium on Research in Economics, Management and Accounting

Nir Kshetri delivered a keynote speech at the 4th International Symposium on Research in Economics2015_Sept_Bogota_2 010, Management and Accounting (4to.Simposio Internacional de Investigación en Ciencias Económicas, Administrativas y Contables), which was held in Bogota, Colombia (September 16-19, 2015). The title of his speech was “Key components of an entrepreneurial ecosystem: Linkages and processes” (Los components clave de un ecosistema emprendedor: Vínculos y procesos).

Kshetri: (JIM) Success of Crowd-Based Online Technology in Fundraising

Nir Kshetri’s 2015 Journal of International Management (JIM) article entitled, “Success of Crowd-Based Online Technology in Fundraising: An Institutional Perspective” has been featured by Strategy & Business Magazine ( in its Recent Research column.  The Magazine’s September 17 article, “Navigating the Crowdfunding Landscape” ( is based entirely on Nir’s JIM article.